What is Integrated Marketing?

Learn all about digital marketing, we have built this glossary to help you understand everything to thrive in online marketing and promoting your website or business.

What is Integrated Marketing?
Integrated Marketing is a strategic method of promoting brands that uses multiple channels or media to ensure a consistent message and experience for target audiences. It includes both online and offline channels.
This tactic involves coordinating the company's promotional tools to deliver a clear, concise, and impactful message. It's about creating a consistent and seamless user experience, regardless of where or how customers interact with your brand.
Integrated marketing is key to generating a unified, customer-centric marketing approach that can boost brand loyalty and streamline communications strategies.
Integrated Marketing's Role in Digital Marketing
Integrated marketing is a crucial aspect of effective digital marketing as it incorporates multiple channels – such as content marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing – into a singular campaign and strategy.
In digital marketing, integrated marketing helps increase brand consistency, improve the customer journey, and enhance tracking of marketing efforts across different platforms. It offers a customer-centric approach that is often lacking in other marketing methods.
This holistic approach also makes optimizing and improving strategies easier, as data from different channels can be pooled together for better decision-making and results analysis.
Integrated Marketing Examples
A typical example of integrated marketing in the digital landscape is a brand launching a new product using email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing all at once to send a consistent message.
Another example can be a business using their social media platforms to push loyal followers to their email newsletters. In turn, these email newsletters feature links and content that drivetraffic back to the business's main website and blog.
Apple's campaign for the release of its iPhone models is a perfect example of offline and online integrated marketing. They utilize TV advertisements, social media promotions, and in-store experiences to consistently communicate the same message across different channels.