What is Domain Age in Digital Marketing?

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What is Domain Age?
The term 'Domain Age' refers to the length of time during which a domain name has been registered and active. It is calculated from the time the domain name was first registered. Hence, if a domain was originally registered ten years ago, but it was only purchased and activated by a new owner two years ago, that domain’s age is still considered to be ten years.
Many SEO experts believe that Google considers domain age in its ranking factors due to its capacity to indicate the credibility and reliability of a website. Older domains are often seen as more trustworthy, leading to higher ranks in search engine results. However, Google’s exact stance on domain age is not explicitly stated, thus making it a topic of constant debate among digital marketing professionals.
Despite its controversy, domain age is an important thing to consider when creating an SEO strategy. So, even if it doesn’t hold a substantial weight in the ranking algorithm, its role as a trust factor should not be undermined.
Domain Age's Role in Digital Marketing
Domain age plays an essential role in digital marketing because it works as an indicator of your website's trustworthiness and reliability. In SEO ranking, websites with older domains often have an advantage. This is because an older website implies long-term commitment and legitimacy, which positively resonates with search engines and users alike.
While Google has stated that the impact of domain age on SEO ranking is relatively small, it's still considered one of the many factors Google’s algorithm uses to rank websites. Just as a well-aged wine is perceived to be of higher quality, older domains often connote more credibility.
However, it's critical to mention that domain age alone will not automatically rank your website higher. One must continuously create high-quality, relevant content and follow effective SEO practices. In other words, domain age should be seen as an asset to your SEO strategy, but not the sole driving factor.
Domain Age Examples
Examples of domain age can be found through a simple WHOIS lookup. This will show the original registration date of the domain. For example, if a website’s domain was created and registered in June 2010, as of June 2021, that domain age is 11 years.
Domain age can also be inferred by looking at the website's 'copyright' information, often found at the footer of a site. But please note that this method isn't always accurate since website owners can change this information.
Lastly, there are various online tools available to check a domain's age. These tools not only show the exact age of the domain but also other pertinent details like domain expiry date, domain authority, and the website's SEO score. Tools like 'DNSstuff', 'Whois Lookup', and 'Domain Age Checker' could prove highly useful.