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Become part of the Thanos.AI affiliate journey by simply clicking on the "Become an Affiliate" button above.
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Register using your email address. Dive into the affiliate dashboard to explore features, view available deals, and monitor your commission earnings.
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Once you've crafted your unique affiliate link, you're all set to promote Thanos.AI. Make sure to use this link in your promotions, ensuring that any sales generated through your efforts are accurately tracked back to you.
How to Earn with Thanos Affiliate Program?
Learn how to promote and earn hefty commissions using Thanos Affiliate Program.
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Content Creation with Your Link
It's essential to introduce your audience to Generative AI through well-crafted educational content. By incorporating Thanos.AI into this narrative and embedding your unique affiliate link, you're providing them a direct pathway to explore the platform. Remember, your genuine recommendation can make all the difference in guiding their decision.
Engaging & Useful Content
Creating content that's both engaging and offers genuine value can set you apart. With Thanos.AI, the focus should be on detailing its standout features and the tangible benefits users can gain. By offering comprehensive reviews and presenting scenarios where Thanos.AI shines, you're providing your audience with the depth of understanding they need to appreciate its value.
30% Recurring Commission
When someone uses your unique link and subsequently subscribes to Thanos.AI within a 45-day window, you get a commission of 25% from their subscription amount. So, if they spend $100, you receive $25. And as your referrals keep using Thanos.AI, your earnings can continue for up to a full year and the minimum payout is $100.
Perfect fit for Digital Marketing Influencers

If you are a digital marketing influencer then Thanos Affiliate program is a perfect fit for you kick-start your earnings.

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